At the NHSBSA, we design services that do the hard work, so our users don’t have to. By doing this, we’re making it easier for people to do what they need to do while reducing the cost for government to provide those services.

At the core of the design process, we have users, their needs, and how they handle and influence the process. As a designer, you’ll consider what the user needs are, how the new solution will function if the design solves the problem they are facing, and what the impact will be.

The goal is to make our services as accessible as possible and to exclude no one. To do that, we need to design services that can be:

  • understood – users find it easy to understand, including when using assistive technology
  • operable – users can navigate and complete actions easily
  • robust – can handle changing technologies and future infrastructure

At the NHSBSA, you’ll be right in the middle of this. You’ll be a key part of our innovative, creative, supportive, and diverse teams solving problems and creating a truly cohesive experience for our users across our services.

We’re growing exponentially and are often recruiting user researchers, UX designers, UI designers, content designers and service designers. Find your NHSBSA digital career in user-centred design now.

Working in User Experience at the NHSBSA - video transcript

"What is User Experience?"

"Looking at the experience for the users. How the journey through a system will work best
and generally just trying to improve the experience for all users of our services."

"Why did you get into User Experience?"

"The ability to actually see your designs in action, and get the proper feedback from the users. And make something that actually properly works for them. It's more sort of human centred and user focused, which I really like."

"What's the most rewarding thing about working in user Experience?"

"Seeing the results of your research, and seeing people respond with the designs you do. When you really get to kind of see the positive impact that your designs have on people."

"Why is collaboration so important in User Experience?"

"Without collaborating with other teams, we wouldn't be able to create services that are consistent across the board. And create that familiarity for users when they enter a service."

"What makes working in User Experience at NHSBSA so different?"

"There's just a really supportive, open and honest culture at the NHSBSA. Which is what I really love. You're supported to be yourself and do your role. And you know if you need support and need your employer to be flexible, then the NHSBSA always does that."