Build, transform and improve national and international digital services.

Use your architecture design, software engineering or automated test expertise to iteratively build, maintain and support digital services that are used by more than 20 million people every day. Working in Agile teams, we invest in the performance and maintainability of our code and are always striving to be our best by identifying and sharing best practice within our Development community.

You’ll be solving problems and working in a skilled team, with modern technology stacks, on some of the most complex and important problems in the UK.

We code in the open and use open source technologies like Java, JavaScript, Node.js, SQL and noSQL database applications such as Postgres, MySQL, and MongoDB, and Spring (Spring Boot, Spring Security, Spring Batch). Our services are developed in cloud-based environments, using modern tooling and pipelines to high security and quality standards.

We want determined and enthusiastic test engineers, software engineers, architects, technical leads, front-end engineers and QA testers to join us. If you’re innovative, curious and enjoy new ways to solve problems, you’ve found the right place.

What is development at the NHSBSA? - video transcript

"The developer community is all about making the best software that we can - most maintainable, thoroughly tested, using modern standards and approaches. To deliver the user-centred designs whether that be NHS pensions, NHS jobs."

"Why did you get into development?"

"We use software more than you even think about it, just when you open your phone that's a piece of software. It's probably had hundreds of hours of development time behind it - and just to make it easier for you. And I like to think we're helping people."

"What's the most rewarding thing about working in development?"

"It's knowing that you're doing something that's for the good of the country. You know that what you write is going to be presented to an end user and it will make a difference to their lives."

"Why is collaboration so important in development?"

"Without insight, without data we don't know what we're developing. We can make the thing but you can't make them without purpose. Data and insight come in, tests come in, to make sure you've built it correctly. It's really important you collaborate because you might be able to do something better."

"What makes working in development at NHSBSA so different?"

"We're not on the front line, but we're supporting the front line and everything they do. One of the services that we provided was sending notifications out of Covid results. We had that service up and running in very little time, and it was everyone who was behind the effort to get it done. Done properly and done quickly."