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Use your knowledge and fresh perspective to come up with new ways of working, remove blockers and creating a culture of creativity and transparency.

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Working in Delivery Management - video transcript

"What is Delivery Management?"

"It's our user researchers who speak to our users, and who gather and distil our user needs through research. And I'm one of the team that's responsible for making sure that we take those user needs through design and build. And that the voice of the user is heard, and that we're always focusing on that in whatever we're building and designing."

"Why did you get into Delivery Management?"

"So, I really like being able to see the the outcomes of the work that we do. So, we do delivery work that really impacts our end users and we get to see that. It's really dynamic. I get to work with lots of different people, and lead on change that really impacts our users."

"What’s the most rewarding thing about working in Delivery Management?"

"It's really rewarding to be able to see the outcome of the work that we do. So, we hear users tell us that we've made their lives easier or better. And that's just really great to hear that."

"Why is collaboration so important in Delivery Management?"

"We all work together, really truly collaboratively. To get things done, and to get them done in the right way, as well. Everyone really cares about doing the right thing for the user."

"What makes working in Delivery Management at NHSBSA so different?"

"What really drives us, is the fact that we are working for the NHS. I think that's a really powerful driving factor. We all have a great passion for the NHS. We really get to see, real impact on patients and members of the public, for the work that we do. So, we can see their potential health outcomes improving or their access to health care."